Our Story


Its a Celebration Snitc#es!

I created Life of Neon to celebrate our culture - Black Culture, because Black Culture influences the world.
We have always been us: multi-faceted, complex - creators & innovators. We gon figure out how to make some s#!t work for us! But rarely are we celebrated (or even acknowledged) for our ingenuity.
Here at Life of Neon, we want to see more BLACK JOY!
Our Mission is to celebrate the culture and inspire positive vibes through neon art.
Our neon lights dig into our history, our culture, the s#!t that made us laugh growing up, our language and sayings that keep the internet going.
We celebrate the ratchet, the righteous and everything in between; because Black Culture is dope af.
If you believe black lives matter, come celebrate the culture with us. (Here is your invitation to the bbq 🎟️, plus 1😉)
I said what i said,
Christina 🖤🙅🏾‍♀️

Thanks for vibing with us!