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  • Black Wall Street Tulsa 1921 Neon Sign
  • Black Wall Street Tulsa 1921 Neon light
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Life of Neon

'Black Wall Street' Neon Sign

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'Black Wall Street' Neon light is inspired by the Historic Black Wall Street in Tulsa, Oklahoma 1921. Black Wall Street was the result of a community of black entrepreneurs working together to build something for themselves and future generations.

Make a statement with this neon light sign and display your love for the culture. 

✔️ Our Black Wall Street Neon Wall Art celebrates black culture and black excellence pushing the culture forward.

✔️ Signature art: This captivating piece of art embodies Afrocentric style and has an allure that makes it a great conversation starter or aesthetic piece.

✔️Black Owned Home Decor and African American Art that lights up the room and serves as a wall lamp or light.

Specs: This piece is 39 in wide*15 in tall (100cm*40cm)

Please note: the outlet plug will correspond to the ship-to country. (USA & Canada/UK/NZ etc)


Art should be a reflection of self:
the things we value, the things that make us smile, the things that capture our hearts.
Display your love for the culture.